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I recently passed my PSPO I certification with a score of 92,5% and I would like to share some tips and resources to candidates studying on their own.

PSPO I structure:

80 questions : Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True/False
Passing score of 85% : 68 correct answers out of 80
60 minutes max : 45 seconds per question in average
English language only
Only an internet connection is required
USD 200 of fee for 1 assessment : So better get it on the first attempt 🙂

More facts:

No mandatory training courses required
No renewal. The PSPO I certificate is for life
Your name will be added to’s official list of PSPO 1

Fields of knowledge needed to pass the certification:

Scrum Framework and Scrum Theory
Scrum Roles (especially the Product Owner’s role)
Scrum Events
Scrum Artifacts
Product Backlog Management
Cross-Functional and Self-Organization
Value Maximization
Product Ownership in scaled Scrum

1 – The PSPO I certification is accessible while being pretty tough so my first advice is to plan at least 3 weeks for preparation.

2 – Read the Scrum Guide over and over again until you understand all its subtleties. The Devil is in the details!

You must understand the differences between the role of a Product Owner and a classic Project Manager.

All the Scrum concepts of roles, events and artifacts must be crystal clear.

Print out the Scrum Guide, highlight the most important parts and add some notes / drawings or anything that helps.

3 – Read all the Product Owner Learning Path. It’s an important add-on to the Scrum Guide that you need to be familiar with.

4 – Read these documents:

The Scrum Glossary
The Nexus Guide
Evidence-Based Management
The Cone of Uncertainty

5 – Do a lot of Product Owner certification mock tests in the conditions of the real exam.

Take the official Scrum.Org Product Owner Open Assessment and memorize all the questions as some of them will be part of the real assessment. You will be able to validate them quite quickly and have more time for the unusual questions.

Time management is key!

On the D-day, you will have 1 hour to answer 80 multiple-choice question which makes no more than 45 seconds per question in average.

You have to take the time to read each question and its possible answers carefully before validating them.

Pay very close attention to wording! You must distinguish the words “may” / “must” / “can” / “should” as well as “and”/“or”… Keep in mind that every question is very precise so don’t get misled.

Be careful with multiple answer questions not to give only one answer.

Also, be careful with questions containing “not”! It is common to miss to point when not paying enough attention.

On the other hand, you will have to answer the question as fast as possible. I think a time target of less than 30 seconds per question is fine.

During the real assessment, remember that you will be able to pin the questions that you are not certain about and review them later before validating the whole test.

Having your printed Scrum Guide + Notes and some spare time will be necessary to sort out your hesitations.

I hope you will find this article useful. Good luck ! 🙂

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