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This video share some Tips for the Information Gathering Section of the Clinical Sims Exam (CSE). Watch the video to learn more!
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In this video, we share with you some tips that you need to know for the Information Gathering section of the Clinical Sims Exam (CSE).

➡️ CSE Information Gathering Tips:
▪ Recommend an ABG to assess the patient’s acid-base balance, oxygenation, or ventilation.
▪ Assess the tracheal position to identify atelectasis or a pneumothorax. Remember that is shifts away from the affected side for a pneumothorax, and it shifts towards the affected side with atelectasis.
▪ Assess percussion to identify a pneumothorax or pneumonia.
▪ Select an MIP/NIF to assess the patient’s respiratory muscle strength for weaning.
▪ Select Vital Capacity to check respiratory muscle strength for neurological disorders, and also for weaning.
▪ Select the VE and RSBI to check for the adequacy of ventilation for weaning.
▪ Assess the patient’s sputum to check for an infection.
▪ Select certain PFT tests to check to see if the disease is obstructive or restrictive.
▪ Again, always select blood pressure for a patient that has a cardiovascular disorder.
▪ Select only certain laboratory tests that would be necessary for the patient’s specific situation. For example, you would select to assess the WBC count if the patient has an infection. That would be necessary in that situation, etc.
▪ The same applies for x-rays and imaging tests. Only select them when they would help diagnose the patient. For example, a neck x-ray would be helpful to identify croup or epiglottitis or to check for a foreign body aspiration, etc.
▪ Recommend to check the Intracranial Pressure for a patient with a head or brain injury.
▪ If the patient is unconscious, a Glasgow Coma Scale would be necessary.
▪ Never select Urinalysis. Just skip it unless you really just want to lose points.

Of course, each patient and scenario is different. However, hopefully, these tips can help you in the Information Gathering portion of the CSE Exam and assist you with earning a higher score.

💥How to Prepare for the CSE [Full Guide] ➜ ➜ ➜
💥Clinical Sims Mistakes [Full Guide] ➜ ➜ ➜​
💥CSE Study Guide [Premium] ➜ ➜ ➜


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