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A Cloud Guru exposed
Let me just say before I start this video that without cloud guru I probably wouldn’t have as many AWS certifications as I do today
⦁ Ever since the day a coworker told me about some AWS courses on Udemy I was addicted to them
⦁ This is all fine and great there is no problems with learning
⦁ That is until I learned of the website where the courses come from – A Cloud Guru
⦁ From there I went on to pay for and get 6 AWS certifications
⦁ What I didn’t know is that these courses didn’t have as much value as what Cloud Guru and the site they just bought – Linux Academy were advertising
If you have ever taken a Cloud Guru course they will always spend a good amount of time near the beginning the uses of the certification
⦁ They will say some things like – The security specialty certification is the most sought after AWS certification since every company cares about security
⦁ The issue with this claim is that while yes every company cares about security, not every company cares about the AWS security certification
⦁ For example take a look at some of the FANG companies like Google or Microsoft
⦁ Why would they care if you got certified in AWS security
⦁ There cloud platforms are trying to compete with them
⦁ You might say that getting AWS certification might even hurt your chances in getting into these FANG companies
⦁ They don’t care about what certifications you have
⦁ They care if you can write good code and if you will fit in with the team and the company

I have heard arguments against AWS certifications saying something along the lines of:
⦁ If the cloud platform had a great user experience why would people need certifications showing that you know how to use it
⦁ or if AWS was easy to use why would you need courses showing you how to use it
⦁ And for the most part I agree
⦁ AWS is pretty straight forward to use
⦁ If someone like me with only around 2 years of AWS experience can just waltz into certifications that have a reccomended experience of 5 years like the Big Data or Security Specialty than the actual AWS site is easy to use in the first place
Another thing about Cloud Guru is that they spend so much production value on the associate certification courses and barely any production value on the later courses like the specialty courses and the professional courses
⦁ This makes sense from a business perspective since not many people are going to take the professional or specialty courses
⦁ Why spend much time or money making them really good?
⦁ For example the minute I called it quits was with the AWS networking specialty when most of the slides were just powerpoint with essays on them
⦁ This is different than the solutions architect course- the most popular where they have 2 people doing the course with much more dumbed down slides and much more actual using AWS
should you take there courses at all?
⦁ I could tell you yea take it so that you become addicted to AWS and watch my other videos
⦁ but I am going to be honest with you here
⦁ many Cloud business like A cloud Guru and Linux academy will take you to take the associate exams first since it will make you take more of their courses so that you pay more
⦁ In my opinion after taking all 3 associate exams, it wasn’t worth it
⦁ I shouldn’t have taken all 3
⦁ If you want to get this certification to show that you know a little bit to an interviewer, go for it
⦁ they will see the AWS and think more of you
⦁ however it won’t get you the job
⦁ it might just get your foot in the door
aws cloud courses like Cloud Guru are like gym memberships
⦁ You get it because you want to get better but you barely use it
⦁ You don’t want to cancel it because you will tell yourself that you will get around to using it
⦁ You eventually use it like once or twice a month but they profit whether you use it or not
⦁ not many people are clever enough to just get for a short burst of time just so you can get all the certifications out of the way

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